Fila MP90 Eco Xtreme - Tile Stain Protection

Fila MP90 Eco Xtreme is an environmentally-friendly stain protection that doesn't alter the look of the tiles. It is an impregnating sealer that repels oil and water, and facilitates with maintenance cleaning.

Recommended by Winckelman's, MP90 Eco Extreme provides a simple one-coat solution to seal the tiles and grout at the same time, reducing overall application times.

Formulated for interior and exterior use, boasting extremley low VOC emisions and minimal enviromental impact, it is perfect for residential and commercial settings. Treated surfaces can be walked on in as little as 2 hours* after application for minimal disruption. Also suitable for ceramic and crackle effect surfaces, grit, resin-marble, and stone slabs.

It is recomended to reseal every 5 years. PS87 Pro must be used at a 1:5 dilution to clean surfaces prior to reapplying MP90 Eco Xtreme.

*Application Conditions: Temperature 20°C & Humidity ≤ 60%

Download the MP90 Eco Xtreme Tech Sheet

Product Details

  • For exterior and interior use
  • Single-coat application
  • Coverage: 30-50m² per litre (single-coat application)
  • Available in 375ml & 1L
  • A Water-based product that can be applied 24–48 hours after the initial wash, thus speeding up the application time
  • Reduces absorption without affecting the material's natural look
  • Surfaces can be walked on after just 2 hours*
  • A product with low environmental impact and VOC emissions; it also has the indoor air comfort gold certificate


  • Polished Porcelain tiles
  • Marble & Granite
  • Natural stone & agglomerates
  • Concrete



No dilution required.

Application: Shake before use. For materials with a matt finish (natural stone, terracotta, agglomerates, cement tiles): Apply MP90 ECO XTREME evenly and continuously on a clean and dry surface using a brush or fleece pad, wetting the grout lines as well. Dab any excess product with a clean cloth before it dries. On highly absorbent materials, apply two coats of product with a 20-minute interval in between.

For polished porcelain tiles, natural stone, agglomerates with glossy finish: Apply MP90 ECO XTREME on a clean and dry surface, wetting the material and grout lines completely using a brush or fleece pad. Before the product dries (roughly 10-15 minutes), rub it using a microfibre cloth wetted with the product to favour its penetration. Dry the surface with a clean cloth.

To speed up the process, it is possible to treat the surface with a single-disc machine. The surface can be walked on after just 2 hours. Water- and oil-repellent protection takes effect after 24 hours.

Before applying to the entire surface, test the product on a small area to check for colour changes. Do not apply the product outdoors if rain is in forecast. Does not protect against acid aggression.

Maintenance: use a diluted solution of Fila Cleaner Pro.

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