Victorian Floor Tiles

Introduce a classic and iconic Victorian style to your interior or exterior space with our selection of Victorian floor tiles. These tiles boast authentic and beautiful patterns and colours, breathing new life into your property.

What are Victorian tiles?

They are intricately coloured and designed ceramic tiles that, when arranged, create remarkable repeating geometric patterns used to decorate floor space in period, contemporary and traditional-style homes. Victorian style tiles are also at home in retail, industrial and commercial environments where the requirements are for a versatile flooring product that has standout, aesthetic and technical characteristics.

The Victorian era was probably the most important period in the history of floor tiles. No longer ornaments for the rich and elite, they were mass produced and available to house owners all over the UK and its Colonies. House builders wanted more than just plain, bland tiles, so the Victorian tile was created to meet their demand with stunning patterns and designs from checkerboard-style black and white tiles through to floral mosaic tiles rich with colour and personality.

There was a tile boom between 1850 and 1900, made possible by the technological innovations and the mass production technics of the industrial revolution. As Britain became more industrialised along came urban expansion, social change and new domestic, civic and public building. Tiles were not just decorative they also addressed public health issues and enabled better hygiene control.

Bathroom Tiles

Where can you use Victorian tiles in your property?

The beauty of these tiles is that any and all designs are a perfect choice for every room/floor space in and around your property, including:

- Hallways

- Garden paths

- Kitchens

- Bathrooms

- Conservatories

It is commonly thought that Victorian tiles are only suitable for outdoor floor spaces, porches and halls, however, our tiles will feel right at home in your kitchen, bathrooms and conservatory.

Read our top 5 tips for creating the perfect tiled path using Victorian path tiles.

Tile Designs

Victorian tile designs, shapes and borders

We offer a full range of tile patterns including encaustic and geomatic (mosaic and tessellated), all available in up to 32 colours, hundreds of designs and styles, helping you achieve that on-trend period look. We also provide Victorian black and white tiles, perfect for checkerboard patterns.

Discover our full range of tile designs here.

Encaustic tiles differ from geometric as they are not decorated or printed. Their design and patterns are manufactured into the tile itself, with some incorporating patterns 3/4 mm down the face of the tile. Geometric tile designs are ceramic tiles that are decorated and printed.

As well as complete tile designs, we also provide a range of individual tile shapes from triangles to octagons, all in a range of 32 different colours, enabling you to create a fully bespoke Victorian design for your home. A frequent favourite of our customers is the equilateral hexagon tile.

Not sure which colour to choose? Receive a free sample of 5 square tiles in 32 different colours of your choice to review and compare directly on your floor space.

When you have identified and decided on your Victorian tiles, be sure to find a tile border that matches and enhances your stunning designs. You can choose from one of our traditional designs or create your own bespoke pattern. Discover our full range of Victorian tile borders here.

Once you have purchased your tiles, we recommend using a specialist tiler to professionally lay and grout your tiles to ensure it is laid accurately and appropriately to the size and shape of your floor space.

Tile Borders

Why should you choose Victorian floor tiles?

They enhance your properties aesthetics

Victorian tiles are striking and beautiful. Decorating your floor space with traditional patterns mixed with modern and classical colour themes, they bring a period, Victorian feel to your property. With such a wide range of patterns, designs and 32 colour schemes, the opportunities are endless.

They are easy to maintain

All of our Victorian tiles are manufactured and produced by Winckelmans, a renowned French manufacturer who designs tiles using traditional methods specifically for low porosity, giving them impressive frost resistance. These tiles are therefore extremely durable and resilient, resistant to scratches and stains and are long-lasting, making them easy to maintain. You can expect your Victorian tiles to last a lifetime.

Learn more about our Victorian tiles here.

Why Original Features?

We have been Victorian and Edwardian tile specialists since 1986. Since then, we have built a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping our customers choose the right tiles for their property, whether that be finding floral designs for a bathroom or checkerboard Victorian path tiles for a garden or porch. We can help you create magnificent floors and pathways for your home.

If you’re unsure as to which tiles you need and are seeking advice as to how to choose the perfect tiles, get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to help.

We are also an exclusive UK stockist and supplier of Winckelmans tiles, a worldwide supplier of porcelain and vitrified tiles, run by one family for over 5 generations.

Tile restoration and cleaning

Alongside our Victorian tiles, we provide specialist cleaning products to ensure your interior tiles are protected against staining and scratching. We do not recommend using these products on your exterior tiles as this can compromise their frost resistance. Read more about tile sealing and cleaning.