Winckelmans Tiles

For over 100 years, Winckelmans have been manufacturing some of the most versatile and authentic porcelain tiles there are on the market. Fully vitrified with near-zero porosity, they are extremely easy to clean, maintain and incredibly resistant to wear and tear and stains.

Looking to purchase Victorian mosaic tiles that perfectly balance traditional styles with a modern feel? Discover Winckelmans tiles at Original Features and learn how we can help you find the right tiles for your property.

Who are Winckelmans?

Winckelmans is a family-owned tile manufacture based in Lomme, France who have been innovating and manufacturing robust porcelain tiles since 1894. Four generations have followed the great Théophile Winckelmans, continuing his legacy and supplying beautiful mosaic tiles to customers looking for a stylish, traditional aesthetic for their property.

Now employing over 120 people, their workforce is fully dedicated to ensuring their company innovates with new technologies and techniques to increase product customisation and quality for you, the customer, but remaining true to traditional qualities and authenticity.

Winckelmans between 1894 and 1900

Why choose Winckelmans?

Manufactured for strength and durability

All Winckelmans tiles are manufactured using local, natural materials (primarily clay) and double fired at 1,200 degrees, making them extremely durable and compact with outstanding technical specifications, the most important of which is a near-zero porosity (or fully vitrified).  Non-porous means the tiles have little to no holes on the surface, blocking all liquid and air from passing through which, over time, would cause damage to the material and fade the colour and style on the tile.

Perfect for every property and every application

Because they are fully vitrified, Winckelmans tiles are perfect for interior (and exterior) use in residential and commercial properties, intensive, chaotic areas of industrial properties as well as damp or wet locations such as swimming pools.

Gronigen Swimming Pool

You can benefit from no appearance changes on your tiles and expect their colour to last for many years. They are also heat and frost resistant, making them suitable for exterior use in your property in either extremely dry or humid conditions.

Outstandingly easy to maintain

Thanks to their near-zero porosity, stain resistance and absorption rate of under 0.5%, Winckelmans tiles are very easy to maintain without using specialist cleaning products and techniques. You will not need to invest in any post-installation treatments or services once a tiler has laid your tiles.

Full-bodied colours and styles

All Winckelmans tiles incorporate through-body colours which ensure lasting patterns and shades, providing you with centuries of beautiful colours for your property.

Winckelmans tiles from Original Features

We are a trusted partner and stockist for Winckelmans tiles across the UK. We offer their full range covering every pattern and tile, allowing you to choose the perfect design from the Winckelmans range of endless patterns and mosaics, colours and shapes.

Tiled Restaurant Entrance

Browse our full range of tile designs here to achieve that on-trend look.

Alternatively, you create your very own bespoke design from our range of individual tile shapes, such as hexagons, colours and borders.

Unsure about which colour to choose for your property? You can order a free sample of 5 square tiles each in a colour of your choice, allowing you to see first-hand how your tiles will look and feel on your floor space.

Winckelmans tiles are a perfect choice for every room in and around your property, including:

- Victorian Hallways

- Victorian Paths

- Kitchens

- Bathrooms

- Conservatories.

Looking to build your very own tiled garden path? Discover our top 5 tips for using Victorian path tiles to create the perfect tiled path.

When purchasing your Winckelmans tiles, we recommend using a specialist tiler to lay and grout your tiles professionally and accurately. This ensures your tiles are laid appropriately to the size and shape of your floor space.

Tiled Path

Order your Winckelmans tiles today

We can help you create magnificent floors and pathways for your home. Being a Victorian and Edwardian tiles specialist since 1986, we have built a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping our customers choose the right tiles for their property, whether that be finding floral designs for a bathroom or checkerboard Victorian path tiles for a garden or porch.

Get in touch with one of our team today. We’d love to hear from you and assist you in finding the right tiles for your property.

Tile restoration and cleaning

Alongside our Winckelmans tiles, we supply specialist cleaning products for both routine and intensive cleaning to help you maintain the quality and aesthetic of your tiles.

Please DO NOT use these products on your exterior tiles. This will compromise their frost resistance.