Sealing and Cleaning Victorian Floor Tiles

Sealing Olde English tiles


Interior floors should be sealed with a non-permanent acrylic polish such as HG Protective Coating, Satin Finish. We do not recommend the use of permanent or impregnating sealers, as these can be impossible to remove.

Exterior tiling should not be sealed as this may compromise the frost resistance.

Routine Cleaning

A floor that has been sealed should be cleaned using the appropriate maintenance cleaner recommended by the manufacturer of the sealer you have used. If you have used HG Protective Coating, Satin Finish as suggested above, then you should use HG Shine Restoring Tile Cleaner. Avoid using general household or floor cleaners, as some of these are very aggressive and may remove the sealer, which will then need to be reapplied.

Intensive Cleaning

If a floor is not cleaned regularly and will not clean well with a maintenance cleaner, it may be necessary to use an intensive cleaner. This will also remove the sealer that has been applied. If you have sealed the floor with the HG product recommended above then you should use HG Power Cleaner. You will need to seal the tiles again after an intensive clean. Always make sure the floor is completely dry before re-sealing.

Use of Chemicals

Some of the products specified above contain very strong chemicals. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding dilution of the products and ALWAYS follow their safety advice.

We suggest that you always wear old clothes when cleaning and sealing a tiled floor. Wear protective gloves and eye protection and never kneel in wet chemical solutions.

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