About our tiles

Olde English Tiles in a courtyard

Winckelmans tiles are geometric and encaustic (patterned) clay tiles. Manufactured in very much the same way as they were in Victorian times, our tiles are amazingly versatile and extremely hard-wearing. Perfect for hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, decorative walls and splashbacks, conservatories and garden paths, Winckelmans tiles have many unique qualities:

Shapes, sizes and colours

Our tiles are available in more shapes, colours and sizes than other ranges of geometric tiles – up to 25 stunning colours for the most popular square, triangle and rectangle tile shapes. The range also includes octagon and hexagon tiles, round edge tiles, skirting tiles and step tread tiles.

Fully vitrified, so extremely hard-wearing and frost resistant

Winckelmans tiles are the only range of geometric tiles available in the UK that are fully vitrified. This means they have a very low porosity: they are frost resistant, suitable for interior and exterior use and, under normal circumstances, they do not require sealing. They are equally suitable for use in dry or humid atmospheres and can even be used to line swimming pools.

Our tiles are scratch and stain resistant, they may be used in areas of heavy traffic and compared to other types of decorative floor floors they have a very long life expectancy. Many Victorian and Edwardian floors are still going strong and looking good over a century after they were laid – there is no reason why you should not expect well over 50 years’ use from your Winckelmans tiled floor, provided the tiles are properly laid and maintained.

So versatile!

Our geometric tiles are incredibly versatile: because the design is created by combining individual tiles of varying shapes, colours and sizes, there’s almost no limit to the effect you can achieve. You can choose one of our established traditional designs (all available in a multitude of colour combinations), recreate an alternative period look, or design a bespoke and original pattern specifically for your home.

Need some advice?

We strongly recommend that you use a professional tiler to lay your tiles. He will advise you on the best way to lay out your floor, depending on the size and shape of the project.

If you would like some design advice for your project, or require any detailed technical information about Winckelmans tiles, please do contact us.