Ennerdale 50 (A) - Black/White - Mesh Backed

The price shown is per sheet.

Fully vitrified, geometric floor tiles in a black and white check design, these tiles are suitable for internal and external use and are similar in appearance to the Ennerdale 50 (A) design, but are easier to fit as a they come on a mesh backing made of polypropylene.
The sheets come in a square laying rather than that of a diamond laying. In order to create a diamond design from these sheets we recommend consulting a tiler who will cut the sheets professionally.

Shape: Tiles' size is 50mm x 50mm and the overall size of each sheet is 320mm x 320mm. Ten sheets add up to 1 sq. metre.

Colour: Classic Black & White (please note that the classic white tiles have a beige tint to them).

Thickness: 4mm (slightly thinner than other tiles in the Olde English Tiles range).

Fixing: Although employing a professional tiler will give you the best result with this product, it is a viable DIY option for someone with tile fixing experience, as the tile spacing is already fixed.
For best results, the tiles should be fixed to a very flat surface, with a thin adhesive bed laid down with a toothed trowel. The panel should be laid with the meshed side downwards. If the surface is uneven or a varying thickness of adhesive bed will be needed for a level finish, you should seek advice from a professional tiler.
Once the panel has been laid, but before the adhesive sets, the panel should be GENTLY dressed down with a flat surface (e.g. a rubber faced tilers float) to ensure that no tile corners are sitting proud. The adhesive should be fully set before the tiles are grouted.

Interior tiling should be sealed with HG Tile Protective Coating, Satin Finish.
Exterior tiling should NOT be sealed or polished, as this can compromise frost resistance.